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Years of experience have taught us what works -- and what doesn't! -- in a portrait. You don't go to a professional photographer every day, and it doesn't hurt to be reminded of certain things in preparation for your session.

Let us help you!


Clean body and clean clothes make for a classy portrait! You and your clothing should look their best. Make sure that your outfit(s) are wrinkle-free. Shoes should also be clean and shined.

The day before your portrait is not the greatest day for that cute new hairdo you've been dying to try. Even if it's just a regular haircut, it's best to give it a week or so to grow out before your photo session.

Nails of course should be clean and not chipped, etc. Makeup should be natural, but can be slightly heavy as studio lights can washout even a good makeup job.

If skin problems raise their ugly head, don't worry, as that is what retouching is for. However, if it is a major outbreak it might be best to reschedule your session.

If you wear glasses it would be a great idea to get a set of empty frames for your photos. If your glasses reflect the studio light, the lab charges a rather substantial fee for removing that glare. If your glasses are of the darkening variety, and your portrait session is indoors, again it's best to obtain a set of empty frames...or take your glasses off for the session.


Without doubt the Number One killer of a great portrait --- bad clothing choices! This applies to both individual portraits and group portraits.

Your first clothing decision relates to the style of portrait you're looking for: casual or more formal?

That great new outfit you just bought and absolutely love may not be the best choice for your portrait. Portraits aren't forever, but pretty close! Think of how that outfit is going to look in 30 or 40 years. Girls: do you really want your underwear showing? And the jazzy colors may be so distracting as to take away completely from the main subject: YOU!

Bright colors can overwhelm a portrait. Natural colors work best:denims, royal blues, hunter greens, rich browns and burgundies. White and black can be effective. No wild patterns please! Even stripes can be distracting. Stick to solids or softer patterns that complement rather than bowl you over. And long sleeves ALWAYS look best (unless you want the camera to add extra pounds to those arms!)

SUGGESTIONS: Hats look great, jackets and sweaters too. Jewelry should be held to a minimum, but don't be afraid to accessorize! Scarves, belts, etc all add to the overall effect.

When you reserve your portrait session we will go over a checklist with you to help you be totally prepared for the best photo you'll ever have made!


Please read above!

What's most important about clothing for group photography is keeping it simple. This means minimizing the number of different colors in the portrait. It's also critical to coordinate styles: don't have one person in stripes, another in polka dots, another in paisley, etc.


crafted by photobiz